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God did not decide to 300,000 kilometers per second

Well here we will talk about the light that has traveled 13 billion light years.

In the photon hypothesis, both the wave nature of light and the properties of both particles, that is, photons exist.

It is hard to imagine that the particles will fly sensibly, so I think that the wave is "transmitting".

In pursuit of the case of wave, since it is an electromagnetic wave, it can generate electric force and image that travels in the magnetic space.

With gamma stealth, we will develop the scenes in this case more precisely and think that we can not fly 13 billion light-years without any expansion of space.

Electric force flying in the opposite direction from the light source is also natural for the reason of super symmetry that it is natural to think that the space of 26 billion light years in total is expanded or that the red shift supports the propagation energy.

Next time I think about the speed of light and try to approach the infinite structure of the universe, it seems that God did not decide to 300,000 kilometers per second

It is known that the screw

The 300 thousand kilometers per second is taken to ensure vacuum area for "propagation" or energy transfer to red shift.

If energy transfer to the red shift is assumed, the propagation energy itself will be exhausted, and I want the universe to become a little darker.

One second is required for the procedure to secure an area where the electric force advances so as to trace above the mother magnetic vacuum space.

It is difficult for the mother magnetic vacuum space to form a straight line due to its polarity, more specifically, the course of the light which looks like a straight line also has a degree difference and it is known that the screw bends .

After a while the phenomenon will be discovered that the galaxies of the close range resemble those of the distant galaxies, although the angles are different.

Space carrier's Enterprise

If we consider the course of light to be a rich curve like a magnetic field line, perception that is not infinite is born.

13 billion light-years is also a shorter distance than I thought, maybe the next galaxy.

There is no need to feel pessimistic that the universe is infinite, the universe is more compact than the human race thinks.

Considering like this, if the carrier's enterprise goes straight along the straight route as human good, the route itself is considered to be a warp of the space.

If there is gravitational wave at present, it will be the most straightforward and representative of space warp.

In addition, it can not be called warp unless it is at least 1 million kilometers per second.

Updated Fatacy's testamentary will

After my consciousness travels to the favorite space, everyone will test on some things that humanity should never do.

The forbidden atomic hydrogen bomb is used for threatening without the technology to eliminate radioactive contamination.

Well, next will be the reorganization of human genes, no matter what circumstances and reasons it is eternal forbiddance.

Add engines to small satellites and comets, control accurate orbital calculation at the same time, and do not drop into the sun's black spots.

Iron nuclei should not be placed on the target of the particle accelerator.

Finally, in space, do not put a hand in the chemical reaction path until digestion after ingestion of food replaces cardiomyocytes.

fatacy's comment: 

 Germanium 64 is tetrahedral 3 layer, sooner or later I will draw, may be in next chapter.

 Oxygen is very significant in atom series, showed "Rock-forming elements" with Silicon and Iron.

 These 4 Helium tetrahedron is free rotating in Fermi surface, but severely formed triangle keeping quantum colored policy.

 One more cookies for your brain H2O is sandwich material around Helium, even earth's water supported solar vapor circulation, you will find galactic 4D vapor streams like niagara falls someday.

 Next week in my schedule tricky Neon will in your scenery.
One more stream of atom Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, and so on.
- Aug,9th,2014

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