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fatacy's experiment 1 about Galaxy rotation problem
fatacy's comment:

Titom theory was not forced to cross the Rubicon river finally.

Photodisintegration is endothermic (energy absorbing) for atomic nuclei lighter than iron and sometimes exothermic (energy releasing) for atomic nuclei heavier than iron.  - from Wikipedia

Thus, the reason is not something generated by nuclear fusion in the interior of the star, to the future, Gold, Lead, and Plutonium are also drawn in quantum spin style.

The fission of small nuclides, laser nano size and high energy density of the United States NIF would be effective in the control of the interior nucleus as a manipulator to uranium-238.

The laser light will be illuminated on the boundary line of Atom spin equator, with the exception of iron nuclei.

I will introduce in another opportunity also for Magnesium.
- Sep,20th,2014

fatacy's comment: I'm not sure that tetrahedral 4 neutrons will be neutron halo, I look forward to the work of younger human being's hello world.

So, anybody should not manipulate this switch without fatacy's agreement,  this switch is really final, 
 γ-ray + 4He → 2p+ + 2n, there could be a possibility that the reverse phenomenon of Big Bang theory inflation period.

There are 28 of the magic number structure very similar to Iron atom, 56 is multiplied by 4 to 13, half of 56, half of 28, half of 14, 7 of Nitrogen just here I will be in atomic number stream.

28 Half of 56th Iron atom, is Silicon atomic number.

It is also the magic number of nucleus, 28 is the number of times the Nitrogen of atomic number 7.

In the way of thinking the same as Iron atom, and try to draw a Silicon atom 28. The audience understands its purpose, and want to draw an image of Nitrogen atomic nuclei, because it is an odd neutron number of atom 7 exceptionally together with 5 Beryllium.  
- July,19th,2014


Hubble shuttle space eye woke dramatic space odyssey



Is science the servant of theology?             A. YES
Because  scientist  human  body  may  maintain  less  than  100  years.

Summary  pages  through  these  experiments.

Is  a  pair  of  Dual  Torus  able  to  connect  another  pair?
So  count  on  overlapped  one  there  will  be  three  Tetrahedron  shaped.
Try  to  show  two  Tetrahedrons  and   Intermediate  substance(gluon)  changes  magnetic  repels(rebound)  to  attracts  same  as  premier  experiment  hexahedron.


fatacy's expriment 4

Beryllium Vicissitudes  from  regular  Tetrahedron  to  Hexahedron

ファタシーの実験4 ベリリウム変遷 正四面体(三角形) → 正6面体(四角形)

fatacy's experiment 4 Beryllium Vicissitudes from  Tetrahedron to     Hexahedron ファタシーの実験4 ベリリウム変遷 正四面体(三角形)  → 正6面体(四角形)

fatacy's experiment 4 Beryllium Vicissitudes point of view: blue arrow means moving direction even strong rebound power ファタシーの実験4 ベリリウム変遷 実験のポイント:強い3方向の 磁気反発力にもかかわらず 剛球を中心に青線矢印の方向 に動作する

July 27,2013 

fatacy's  experiment 1   about  Galaxy  rotation  problem

fatacy's  experiment 2   about  Saturn's  rings  on  the  earth

fatacy's  experiment 3   about  Atom  Nucleus  structure  Regular tetrahedron  with  Higgs  

parts  showed  in  video  named  "Dual  Torus" 

Helium  Nucleus  model  shoved the power to rebound,  electron  and  magnetics  which  represent  Higgs  gravity  mechanism  by  2  particles.

                                     Twitter  argument  wellcom,  specially  Higgs  topics.


June 01,2013 

I can see Abacus Ring through magnetic torus from this image Hubble photo

April 03,2013 
Finally, I professed the gravity is involved magnetics,
before the presentation of existence evidence darkmatter, 

Titom  theory, but Japanese written,
although the way to integrate human beings,
so many unknown and invisible discovers needed,
specially, the earth orbit is rigit like railways on as land constructed,
even the theories of  gravity contribute so much construction area,

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